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Lady Louise

posted by Denise Chasin at 2010-08-01 12:25:39

Lady Luise

Life can be full of surprises. Donnis’ mother (Donnis and Les are State Directors and Volunteer Breeders in Idaho) had taken ill and two weeks later at 94 years of age she passed away. One of the last things she told Donnis was to take care of her babies. Her mother then told her that she was going to have one more baby this year. Donnis told her mother, “No, we have not done anymore breeding. We will have to wait until next year.” Donnis’ mother loved coming out to the farm and seeing the ponies in their pens with the babies.

Well Donnis and Les got a big surprise a week or so later. Their son Seth goes out each morning when he gets up and fills the water buckets.  That morning he came running in and said, “You didn't tell me we had another baby!”  Les went out and came back in confirming that one of the ponies, Lady Diana, did indeed have a baby.

Donnis and Les are certain they did not breed her last year but said it was possible she sneaked in the stallion’s stall at some point. Donnis did say that she noticed that Lady Diana was putting on weight but she does that so easily she did not think anything of it. Since this was all unexpected, Donnis and Les were not sure what to name her. A few days later, still un-named, Marianne Alexander, founder of Personal Ponies emailed Donnis and Les with a request.

Dear Donnis and Les,

It would please me greatly if you would name your beautiful new baby:


My sister Louise, was a devoted pony enthusiast. She bred magnificent section “A” Welsh ponies for many years and was my Assistant Director for Personal Ponies Ltd for twenty years. Louise went with me to the United Kingdom to visit Shetland pony breeders. Louise was a gentle little person, an artist – and though she did not have fire engine red hair (it was auburn) she could be a fire-brand if the moment demanded it. She was curator for the famous Johnson Art Museum for 20 years. She died last year of stomach cancer and I would like you to name your beautiful filly in her honor. Would you think about it?

Donnis and Les were honored!
posted at: 2010-08-01 12:25:39, last updated: 2014-06-17 14:35:54