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The UK Shetland

The UK Shetland Pony is a very special breed. These ponies are docile and kind,intelligent, sensitive, and capable of doing hard work. But they are definitely NOT world class beauties! Quite to the contrary, mostly they look like sturdy little trolls—wide, round and low to the ground with shaggy coats and thick manes and tails. And the truth is, we chose them precisely because they are not at all like sleek, slim-legged, high-spirited show ponies. Our ponies have far more important work to do than jumping fences and prancing in show rings!

The UK Shetland has an amazing temperament. Steady of mind and great of heart, they were originally bred to haul peat and do farm work.In the late nineteenth century they were used extensively in the coal mines of Scotland and Wales and in the mines of Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Their patient, quiet, and kind ways were ideal for the work of pulling coal carts through the narrow mine shafts.

Because our ponies are often very small (as small as 30″) and seldom very tall at all (usually not more than 40″), they are the ideal pony to do the work we ask of them—to be the personal companions of anyone with special needs.