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About Us

Personal PoniesWELCOME TO THE WORLD OF PONY MAGIC!…..the world of small United Kingdom Shetland ponies and small children who are differently able.

Personal Ponies offer children that are specially challenged the life use of a small Shetland pony  to love and care for.  There is no fee for leasing our ponies and there are no charges for any of the services we provide.

There are riding centers and organizations dedicated to assisting children to learn to ride or drive a pony in harness, but nothing has been done prior to the founding of the Personal Ponies program for a small child to have a pony of small stature.  Personal Ponies Ltd is the only organization of its kind in the world.

Despite the national scope of the Personal Ponies program and the many people who help, no one is paid a single penny.  And we do mean NO ONE!  Not one penny goes for salaries nor care for ponies because taking full responsibility for the ponies they are assigned, is part of what our volunteers do.  Our administrative costs are only a tiny fraction of our annual budget and virtually all contributions go to the real work of expanding the program by helping our volunteers and by importing breeding stock from the United Kingdom.

Our volunteers make the Personal Ponies organization possible.  Without them there is no organization. Volunteers help in everyway from caring for our ponies to transporting our ponies to helping manage this website and managing all of our national accounting.  The list is endless.  Personal Ponies began with the dream of our founder Marianne Alexander and became a reality in 1986.  From the humble beginning of just two Shetland ponies the program has become an international organization involving many people in all states and representation overseas.

We depend on the hearts and hands of many – those who serve as breeders, promoters and sponsors, as well as those who help fund our program.  We thank each an every one!

“Never doubt that it is a small group of committed people that can change the world.  Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.”
- Margaret Mead