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Board of Directors

Meet our board of directors!  They exhibit a wide range of talents and experience that are invaluable to PPL. Their generosity and willingness to share their time and experience are great appreciated

Chair -Cindy Pullen-  -President/CEO of PPL, Ltd
Retired VP/General Manager, Xerox Corp.
50+ years equine experience.
Joined Personal Ponies in 2009 as a Volunteer Breeder.
Lakeland, GA

Gail Schumann-Director of Finance and Records
Joined board 2010
Joined Personal Ponies in 1994
Charlestown, NH

Dr. Ali Thornhill- Veterinary Advisor
All Equine Care Clinic- Large animal
Joined board June 2015
Valdosta, GA

Tracy Lee, Esq-Legal Advisor
Lee Law and Polygraph, PA
Trial Law
Joined board March 2016
Sarasota, FL

Fran Ichijo- Promotions
Director and Artistic Director, Hope Garden Children's Ballet Academy
Joined board January 2005
Poolesville, MD

Mickey Pullen, PhD-Operations advisor
Experimental/.Animal Psychology- retired College teacher
Joined board March 2015
40+years equine experience
Joined Personal Ponies in 2009 as Volunteer Breeder
Lakeland, GA