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How to Contribute to Personal Ponies

Pony and Little GirlThere are lots of ways you can help Personal Ponies Ltd and we hope that by the time you have read through most of our website, you believe in our program and the work we do. No organization can survive without funding and Personal Ponies is no exception. Personal Ponies is unique in that it is truly an all volunteer organization. No one is paid a single penny for the work they do.

That means that ALL of the funds we receive from our supporters are spent carefully and wisely. Your dollars go to the REAL work of expanding our programs and benefiting our ponies. We encourage you to learn more about our special funds and to designate exactly how you would like your funds spent. In addition to our General Fund, Personal Ponies also has two well-established “Funds”:


The Dandelion Fund

Created in memory of Marianne Alexander, the founder of Personal Ponies. READ MORE »

Mary Flinn Memorial Breeding Fund

In celebration of Mary and her family's contributions to our breeding program through importing, donating and breeding very special UK Shetlands.

General Donations

We use these funds to help with unplanned medical situations as well as unusual vet bills, for transportation getting them to a new  home and any number of other needs that arise having over 400 ponies scattered around the nation. Please click the Donate button below to make a donation via PayPal, a safe, secure and (almost) effortless method.

Coloring Book Purchases!

Our popular coloring books are currently just $2 EACH plus shipping. (Discounted Bulk Pricing is available as well; please contact us)
All proceeds go back into our program and we always welcome extra donations.
Our unique books were created by our amazing Ohio State Coordinator, Gina Switzer​. She used her own ponies and visiting children for the drawings. Each page has educational comments on the UK Shetland and the Personal Ponies organization with contact info.


We would be happy to accept and acknowledge a donation in a loved one's name to be able to further our  work providing  special ponies for the very special work they do.

We also accept contributions the old fashioned way, United States Post Office. Please make checks payable to Personal Ponies Ltd and send to:

Personal Ponies Ltd
c/o Cindy Pullen
President/CEO/National Director
368 River Road
Lakeland, GA 31635