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Why consider ponies from Personal Ponies?

Why consider a pair of ponies from PL rather than getting them from a neighbor or the local auction?

Experience and reputation- we have been breeding, training and providing these ponies since 1986.

We lease rather than sell our ponies. We have contracts. This insures we stand behind our ponies and maintain oversight and records over their lifetimes. It also allows the center to return the ponies for any reason. While our intent is to place our ponies in loving, forever homes, we know that sometimes "life happens" and we may be asked to take them back. That is not a problem.

We know our ponies' temperaments and physical health. Our ponies' lineage goes back over a hundred years to the "pit ponies" of Wales, Scotland and within the last 100 years to Pennsylvania and W. VA. Our founder chose them for their gentle but intelligent temperaments and robust health. They have a particular affinity for children.

Proven handling and health care records. Our ponies are handled from birth. We insure and can document they have received all appropriate  health care such as  worming, vaccinations, dental care, farrier work, etc.

Pet Partners Registration- Personal Ponies has negotiated discounts with the premier evaluation and registration non profit in the nation for folks who lease ponies from Personal Ponies.  Pet Partners evaluates and registers 9 species of animals for therapeutic work. That registration is for 2 years and comes with $2 million in liability coverage. It is not our requirement that you register your ponies with Pet Partners. We simply wanted to provide an opportunity for you to gain additional credibility for your organization and  some additional liability coverage. And we are confident our ponies can pass the Pet Partners requirements for registration after going through the training with their team handler!  Check them out at

We are a 100% volunteer organization. No one is paid a penny for the work they do or the time they spend in our organization. We do pay  professional fees for accounting, bookkeeping and web site management, but that's it. No salary is paid to any volunteer, director or officer. Every dollar donated goes to supporting our breeding operations and to prepare our ponies for their work in a therapeutic environment.