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Breeding Program

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Our founder, Marianne Alexander, spent years researching the most suitable pony breed to use for special needs children & settled upon the UK Shetland. Much effort, expense and research has gone into the Personal Ponies Ltd. breeding program resulting in outstanding United Kingdom individuals with pedigrees tracing historically to 1881 and the ponies imported at that time from the breeding herds of the Duchess of Londonderry.

We take great pride in the fact that our breeding program insists on producing UK Shetland ponies with temperament and type most like their counterparts in the British Isles i.e. “wide, round and low to the ground” with temperaments particularly suitable for people who are differently able.

Our program is primarily aimed toward the breeding of quality United Kingdom Shetland ponies of small and midi sizes using our carefully selected foundation stock. Our ponies are produced in several breeding centers around the country and we are looking to add several satellite centers in the future.

Donations to help support our breeding centers are critical and appreciated. There is a growing population around the country of  certified therapeutic centers who do outstanding work with children, seniors and veterans in their communities. We want to be able to continue to support this growth with our specially bred, raised and trained UK Shetlands.

As a key part of the breeding operations, we are also currently soliciting funds to freeze semen on our older stallions. This will allow us to preserve valuable lines as our senior stallions pass on. It will allow us to cross on daughters of our stallions around the country without having to expose our mares and babies to stress, injury and disease.

Call us if you are interested in discussing opportunities to serve as a satellite volunteer breeder or in taking on a pair of young ponies to bring up until they are ready to be placed with a center. We will train you on our training methods.

To help support our breeding program, please go to our donations tab on this site.


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