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Therapy Center Placements

We place our ponies in therapeutic centers or with individuals who deliver service programs in their communities.  Through these centers, our UK Shetlands support a wide variety of programs, ranging from Fund Raising to Hospital visits.  Please see “Placed Ponies” and “Current Therapy Center Partners” to learn more.
Below is an outline of our Therapy Placement program and what to do next if you’re interested!
  • The annual lease fee is $600.  100% of these fees go back into PPL, the majority of which funds our Breeding Program and preparing our ponies for their jobs to serve.
  • Individuals, organizations and Centers who lease our ponies to use in their programs assume the cost of their care. Also Personal Ponies volunteers who breed, raise, train, foster and care for our ponies assume the cost of maintaining the ponies they are assigned. At the end of each year, we can issue you a tax receipt for many of the expenses incurred caring for the ponies, as long as proper reports & receipts are submitted.
  • Tiny ponies are far less expensive to feed compared to big horses! However, costs vary depending on the area, depending on how much pasture is available for the ponies, depending on age of the pony, etc. Hay costs can vary from $3.00 a bale to $22.00 a bale from one end of the country to another. The cost of transporting, routine medical, dental and hoof care must be considered. You must consider all of this in your decision. At the end of each year, we can issue you a tax receipt for many of the expenses incurred caring for the ponies, as long as proper reports & receipts are submitted.
  • Annual health reports signed by a vet including pictures are required to be submitted by June 1 each year to Regional Directors that are forwarded to headquarters and entered into our database. You can download our Annual Health Report form under the Download Froms tab on our home page. Failure to turn in the annual health report can be grounds for our removing the ponies. We are serious about monitoring our ponies care and health. Annual Health reporting with pictures is the primary tool with which we do so.
  • Sometimes there can be a wait. It depends on where you are located and when a pair of ponies becomes available close to you. You will be responsible for any transport costs. You may also speed up the process if you are willing and able to transport ponies yourself.
  • Community/ State Coordinators or Regional Directors are responsible for screening centers or organizations that apply for ponies to confirm that they understand good pony care and have adequate facilities to keep them safe and comfortable. There will be the rare exceptions where we consider placing ponies in a family situation, but these will be discussed and agreed upon at the Regional & National level. You can find an application under our Forms & Policies tab.
  • Speak to your State Coordinator or Regional Director to begin your application process. An application form is available on our website under "Forms and Policies."
  • Many questions can be answered by reading thru our application and Lease/Liability forms. They will cover your and PPL's responsibilities and costs. After that, we’d be happy to talk with you for additional questions. A $150.00 application fee must be sent with the application. If your application is not accepted, the check will be returned to you.
  • You can see our current Available Ponies by clicking here